To Collapse in Absentia :Green

by Close The Hatch

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    5 track album from Close The Hatch
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released August 3, 2014


all rights reserved



Close The Hatch Dayton, Ohio

Post-Metal/Doom from Dayton, Ohio.

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Track Name: Purple On Green
besides the cold side of pillows comfort is null it hides behing my mind just like the face in the mirror esthetic saviors lock and load my excuse esthetic savior my will becomes my noose

and what it comes to is that we are all just searching for light what it comes to is we are all just filling a void

behind the veil of shadows where my comfort resides beneth dim bar lights finding my muse dont confuse the showing of teeth for a smile because liars learn to hide their fangs

Faith forged beyond our weaker needs
Track Name: Wax & Purpose
Burn out old ways
set fire to create an end
to find relief
beyond the few who never learned
learned to fly
your flight delay is shorter than usual
a single door opens while your wings mend
so send off your defense
Icarus is alive today he learned to swim

all these people talking
they are always talking
everything they say has been said before
all these people talking about nothing not making a difference
only there is no difference only indifference

so fuck the fire
damn the flame
lose the feathers
wax and string
Track Name: Grit & Fire
common heart
coma glow
parting ways of lore.
get in side
your own , your own , your own

we are the same mistakes
blind and old
we crave blood and wine
in dust and mold
in the end there is only grit and fire

We are common face of all
we know
were craving blood and wine
when we know
in the end there is only grit and fire.
Track Name: False Hopes & Gun Smoke
We are frail in this place
holding our cards too close

The only consequence
the only flaw
is knowing our light grew dim
before the fall

I hold the memories
you burnt them all
forget the punishment
leave nothing at all

the light in us grew dim
tired and old
tarnish the foundation
beyond the mold
Track Name: And To All Things...
We burn at both ends so the light will shine tonight put a California lens on Dayton eyes

permeate with blinding bright for we are fools gold to the untrained eye

we grow in false light from dead ends sleep with a stranger wake up old friends

burn paradise while carving home plow through the back woods carve home

hold fast to what you know hold fast to home And to all things an end we burn paradise carving home

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