Modern Witchcraft

by Close The Hatch

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released May 22, 2020

Recorded at Encore Studios -Dayton, OH
Additional Recording Popside Recordings - Troy, OH
Produced by CTH & Micah Carli
Engineered by Shaun O & Micah Carli
Mixed/Mastered by Micah Carli
Additional Direction - John Lancaster
Cover Artwork by Matthew Mills


all rights reserved


Track Name: Death of Wolves
High anxious sea
Where wolves grind their teeth

If you’ve ever been
haunted in daylight
The conscience always wins
Its got you by the pride

Fear is not grace
Remittance of your ways

If you’ve ever been
Hunted in plain sight

I believe in salt in the open would
I believe the burn becomes you

I have always been
Hunted in plain sight

Send death to all your fur and fang
All your fears will melt away
Track Name: Hedge Rider
bare your soul
hold your breath
a new veil
the gift of second sight

And riding light again
and riding fire
To hell and below

and every soul might
they eat of my timeline
and every soul might
devour and leave me

in death, you may find
find all of your meaning
learn all you can find
because nothing is forever.
Track Name: Modern Witchcraft
If you’re looking for peaks
but you’re living in valleys
we’ve got something here for you

If you’re longing for power
but your drowning in sorrow
we’ve got something here for you.

we will place a crown upon your soul
& only snakes will adorn you
Let their venom sink inside you
relinquish all control

We know the shapes you love
when your body confines you
let everything you know be dead
we live in your marrow
Should you shiver, you shake
we have got ways to warm you
We are one now we live in your marrow

You’ll be the prize we feed the most
you’ll be certain that we adore you
We will always take it slow
Slow enough to consume you.
Track Name: Attunement
I often think of you at night
ripe to fetishize
I’ll tremble in your wake

I've only come to recognize you
& learn your ways
I’ll burn the viaducts behind you
to clear your name

I might sink my teeth in all the way
I’ll be your new attunement
I’ll light your way

I see the tangled web before you
I’ll burn the valley there below you
to clear your way

I might sink my teeth in all the way
I’ll be your new attunement
I’ll light your way
Should you find your fire
we’ll get lost inside
might divine abandon ignite again
Track Name: Cordial Medusa
captives into frame
Lines that can’t be changed
flies by new names
Fools who chase your flame

Either way forever stuck in your gaze
your crimson eyes have sealed my fate
& locked me away

To blur the lines of pain
Where light presents escape
Track Name: Thorazine Empire
Ire and woe
Things to fear
things you should know

And we will die alone
may it be done at home

Horror and Lo
Beasts to fear
Beasts that you love

And we will die alone
may it be done at home

The void that remembers
genuine and spent
Track Name: Persona Non Grata
I drown in things
that waste my time
a world affair
designed to satisfy

I can’t repair what’s been
destroyed, pulverized
we might look back but we cannot go there

Your pull enters me
you move me
from far away
I'm tired but I can’t sleep
remove me
from far away

Nothing repairs
My mourning eyes
& endless tired
We can look back but we can’t go there
Track Name: Exit Anxiety
moon light
The hereafter

Slowly swinging punches in a dream
Why won’t one connect?
there’s no way to get out of here
without some kind of death
clutching every pearl I hold dear

no breath left
no disguise
The art of knowing
burn every tower
burn every bridge
This is a place that’s Meant to rust

My hearts is a ghost town
with no empty rooms
built on silence and floating tombs

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